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Steamer Cloth 2L size (100 x 100 cm)

100% Cotton Steamer ClothMade in Japan Fit for 45 x 45 cm steamer.Use it together with L size steamer cloth (around 88 x 88 cm).This is a 100% cotton steamer...
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Tetron Steaming Cloth 31 x 31 cm

Tetron steamed cloth and is Steamed is excellent. Koji based on the best Kotobuki confectionery with the engineering precision of the steaming cloth.High temperature resistant.Steamed on the ride.The ingredients of...
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Steamer Cloth S size (45 x 45 cm)

100% Cotton Steamer ClothMade in Japan Fit for seiro with 24 cm diameter size.Use it together with S size steamer cloth (around 45 x 45 cm).This is a 100% cotton...
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Washable collapsible fermentor shelf TP001 (for koji fermentation device PF100 kit)

And washable collapsible fermentor shelves TP001 is It is a shelf plate designed to be used in koji fermentation device for koji fermentation device kit. Please use when you want...
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[Ideal for rice koji and homemade yeast making] @ home for koji fermentation unit set PF102-48H

The washable collapsible home for koji fermentation device set PF102-48H Not a little more small size of the fermenter? It was born from voice called. Without tools, it can be...
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Content generator・Red(animated yoghurt tea S accessories)

Yogurt party's standard set of accessories contents generator"New media's"standard set of accessories as come with the content sink in.Dirty or scratched or replaced immediately. The quick screw has been adopted.The...
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Heat-resistant Glass Pot (Accessory Of Tanica Yogurtia S)

One of Yogurtia S' accessories (optional items), the heat-resistant glass pot. A glass container that resistant to scratches, odorproof, and heatproof. Heat-resistant Glass Pot Recommended Points Joint development with HARIO...
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Inner Container With Handle (Yogurtia-S Accessories)

A Convenient Inner Container with A Handle for Yogurtia S. This is one of Yogurtia S' accessories (optional items), the inner container with handle. As the handle can be folded...
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